Run Bhutan - Bhutan Sports Festival 25k or 50k trail ultra, Paro festival, and wild Rodungla trek (April 2020) - Bhutan Sports Festival 25k or 50k trail ultra, Paro festival, and wild Rodungla trek

Bhutan Sports Festival 25k or 50k trail ultra, Paro festival, and wild Rodungla trek (April 2020)

Do you want to run a trail race in the Himalayas? Join runners for a 25k or 50k race in Bhutan, visit the largest festival in the country, then hike the wild Rodungla trek in remote eastern Bhutan. You will visit monasteries and dzongs, explore a very remote corner of the country, see the traditional crafts of Bhutan, and hike to the Tiger’s Nest. This is an adventure-filled trip that should not be missed.

Bhutan is a special place. Less well-known, and far less visited than neighboring Nepal, Bhutan is a land of pristine Himalayan peaks, welcoming people, a carbon-positive footprint, and a unique sect of Buddhism. To visit this magical kingdom, travelers must obtain a visa from the Bhutanese government, which welcomes discerning visitors to tread lightly, protecting the environment and respecting their unique culture.

When you travel with Next Run on this trip, we arrange your travel documents and an itinerary showcasing some of Bhutan’s most iconic sights. This is one of our longer trips at 16 days and 15 nights in country.

This trip centers on the Bhutan Sports Festival in April 2020. Run the 25k or 50k trail race. The race is only the beginning of the trip. Afterward, join locals at the largest event in Bhutan, the Paro festival.

We then board a plane and fly to eastern Bhutan. We’ll hike the historic trade routes of the wild Rodungla trek. This is a rarely visited corner of the country. The trail passes through alpine and bamboo forests, meadows and mountain passes, through villages and temples offering hikers an incredible array of biodiversity to appreciate. While the Rodungla Trek does not ascend to very high altitudes, it is still fairly challenging as the trail covers some fairly steep climbs and descents. The trail takes you from Bumthang in Central Bhutan to Trashiyangtse in the far eastern reaches of the kingdom.


  • 16 Day all-inclusive trip to Bhutan that includes the Paro Festival, cultural exploration, and the Tiger’s Nest
  • Run the 25k or 50k trail race and celebrate with other athletes at the Bhutan Sports Festival
  • Fly to eastern Bhutan and hike the wild Rodungla trek for 8 more days.

Exertion Level (3+)

Runners and travelers should be prepared for trails with significant elevation changes. The trails are steep, but non-technical.The trail conditions will vary according to weather and horse traffic.


3* Hotel, 8 nights. Tent camping, 7 nights.

What’s included:

This trip is an all-inclusive package that includes all in-country transportation, guides, drivers, guide gratuities, hotels, meals, camping fees, visas, race entries, and festival fees. The listed price also includes the flight from Bangkok to Paro. The price does not include alcohol, trip or evacuation insurance, or any souvenir purchases.

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